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For Businesses

Professional images are the foundation of marketing and business success. Informative and atmospheric images have the potential to increase engagement, footfall and leads for any business or organisation.

Before any project we meet with clients to develop our understanding of their needs, ethos and message they wish to convey in their images. Our commissioned business services include multi image studies for:

  • bespoke wall hangings

  • events photography

  • agricultural estates, farms & animal breeders

  • interior and exterior architecture e.g.:

    • homes, AirBnB, businesses, renovations etc.

    • historic buildings

  • photographic restoration


Commissioned projects

  • Commissioned projects and events photography are charged at a rate of £150 for the first hour on site and £100 for each hour of photography on site thereafter. This cost includes 2-3 hours post shoot processing and editing per hour of on site photography.

  • Printed and framed images and image files are charged in addition and subject to the nature and size of the commission. Please see above for an approximation.

  • Travel expenses are in addition, depending on location.


All of our images are protected under international copyright law and we reserve all rights to the use of our images. Consequently our images may not be used for any purpose other than their original purchased use without our express written permission beforehand. Should anyone be found to contravene the above, in the first instance we will issue an invoice for the full commercial value of the images used, thereafter legal action will be pursued if the matter remains unresolved.

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