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What we do

​CatchLife offers photographic services and limited edition fine art photography prints of landscapes, heritage, social and natural history subjects.


Where possible we photograph the subject over a period of time in order to capture it in the best possible conditions that meet your requirements.

Our commissioned and personalised business services include:

  • Multi-image studies of:


  • your home or rental property e.g. for AirBnB

  • architecture, interior and exterior

  • agricultural estates, heritage sites & SSSIs

  • organisations and businesses and their property

  • animals and pets

  • cultural and historic artefacts and exhibits

  • food and product photography

  • social, business and training events.

  • Capturing the renovation of buildings over time.

  • Scanning and restoration of old photographs.

We only take on work we're happy to put our name and reputation to. Consequently we provide a dedicated service and a guaranteed turnaround time to meet our client’s needs.​​

We can also arrange for your images to be printed and framed or used to produce other items, for example bespoke stationary, signs and advertising materials.

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